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‘WWE’ wrestler performing Pushpa hook step is all the rage

Previously, we’ve seen international cricketers blast the mannerisms, dancing and dialogues of “Pushpa.” They imitated them on different occasions. Currently, the above frenzy seems to have arrived with WWE grapplers, who have also started mimicking “Pushpa” dialogues and quirks lately.


Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa” was released in December 2021 and the film engaged crowds in every spot and in every language it was released. In particular, its dialogues and mannerisms are echoed by individuals from all corners. From movie stars to lawmakers, cricketers to the average person, everyone has gone mad with the “Pushpa” faction’s frenzy.

The second ‘Thaggede le’/’Jhukega Nahi Saala’ has been recreated over and over again in different TV shows with dances to her ‘Srivalli’ and ‘Saami Saami’ dance moves. Currently on the WWE stage, Indian wrestler Saurav Gurjar has recreated the “Pushpa” feat and tagged his famous actor #AlluArjun on his Twitter, which is causing a stir on the web and has been moving on different entertainment stages since yesterday virtual.

The creators of the above activity show are currently busy making the section 2 of the movie with the title ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ with a similar cast and crew and is scheduled to be released in 2023.

The film crew is looking for some additional artists from the Chittoor area with the first speakers of the local language, this way they act in harmony with other major artists as the story of the film is set in Rayalaseema, Chittoor, which was about a coolie’s rise in the smuggling syndicate of Red Sandalwood, a rare timber that grows only in the Chittoor district.