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What’s new with the Panic 2021 web series?

Starring Camron Jones, Ray Nicholson and Olivia Welch, the series is based on the novel by Lauren Oliver. And it’s panic!

Let’s go deeper into it!

About the Panic Web Series

Lauren Oliver designed and wrote Panic, an American streaming teen television series based on her 2014 novel of the same name. Olivia Welch, Mike Faist and Jessica Sula star in the series. On May 28, 2021, the series premiered on Amazon Prime Video. After one season, the show was canceled in August 2021.

What is the plot of the Web Panic series?

47 seniors participate in the annual panic competition during the summer following their senior year. They’ll be able to leave their small Texas town of Carp if they win Panic, which comes with a cash reward of $ 50,000. However, once the laws are changed, they must decide what dangers they are prepared to face in fleeing their hometown.

Senior graduates undertake a series of tasks each summer in a small town in Texas, believing this is their last chance to escape their predicament and improve their lives.

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Who’s in the star cast of the Web Panic series?

  • Olivia Welch as Heather Nill, Heather is a recent high school graduate who joins Panic at the last minute after her mom spent the money she saved on school fees. She lives in a caravan.
  • Mike Faist as Dodge Mason, the new guy from Carp, TX who competes in Panic.
  • Jessica Sula as Natalie Williams, Heather’s best friend, who originally intended to participate in Panic, but instead teamed up with her to help her win it after Heather arrived.
  • Ray Nicholson as Ray Hall, Heather’s love interest is a participant in the Panic legacy, as her older brother Luke won Panic a few years ago.
  • Camron Jones as Bishop Moore, Heather’s other best friend and lover who watches Panic instead of participating. He comes from a wealthy family unlike most of his Carp peers.
  • Enrique Murciano as Sheriff James Cortez, the local sheriff, whose son died in the panic the previous year

What is the IMDb rating of the Web Panic series?

The IMDb rating for Panic is 6.5 out of 10. This rating is entertained by 6K users.

Is the panic show scary?


PANIC is a new Amazon Prime video Amazon Prime Video series that combines the genres of adventure and crime. There is also action, drama, and absolute dread to the characters. Yes, this is a young adult series, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it. The characters are for the most part understandable and relatable. It may sound scary, but it is not!

How Good Is A Panic Web Series To Watch?

No one knows who invented Panic or when he originally started. Gambling, however, is the only way out in the forgotten rural town of Carp, Texas.

The series has a terrific concept and a young, fun cast, but it’s hard to imagine that it is longer than ten episodes. Panic is the highlight of a series that unexpectedly deviates from the formula.

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Is there a trailer for Panic released?

Yes of course the series has already been launched and the trailer is out!

Is Web Panic Series Canceled After Season 1?

Panic, which premiered in late May, was not renewed because it didn’t perform as well as other teen dramas on Netflix, such as The Wilds. There is no guarantee that the series will return to the big screen anytime soon!



Panic Season 1 has a lot more to explore. And soon we’ll be bringing something more to this and other entertainment! Until then, stay with us.

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