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Watch: Woman’s Hilarious Reaction to ‘Flying Baby’ Amused Internet Users

A video of a woman reacting to a baby floating in courtesy balloons has left internet users amused after it went viral on social media.

The 8-second clip was re-shared on Twitter by user @MackBeckyComedy with a caption that read: “Baby is flying!”

Collecting over 5 million views, the clip features a woman running towards a baby with balloons strapped to her back and floating in the air. “Emerson! Oh my God! Catch it! »Cries the woman going to rescue the little girl suspended by a bunch of balloons. However, at this precise moment, a man steps forward, revealing that it was he who was holding the baby and not the balloons.

Watch the video here:

The video was reposted on the microblogging site by many other users, who were quite amused by the balloon prank. “I love how icy the baby was,” one user tweeted.

Interestingly, some also fell into the trap and actually thought the baby was flying. “I realized the baby wasn’t flying the 5th time I looked at it,” another tweeted.

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