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Watch: Videos Capturing Hurricane Ida Impact Go Viral

One of the most powerful storms to ever hit the Americas, Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc in Louisiana. Although it turned into a tropical storm overnight after making landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy rain and howling winds, it left great devastation behind. Many users have taken to social media to share the extent of its impact and consequences.

Ida ravaged the region’s power grid, leaving the entire city of New Orleans and hundreds of thousands of other Louisiana residents in the dark with no specific timeline for power back. From the roofs of buildings soaring to dangerously shaking traffic lights and even boats turning onto their sides, the images of the hurricane left netizens stunned.

As the hurricane brought heavy precipitation, many areas outside of New Orleans also experienced major flooding with videos shared by netizens showing drifting cars. From bridges destroyed by strong winds to uprooted trees entangled in power lines, netizens shared images and videos to show the damage.

Ida regained her strength in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. Category four hurricane Sunday
made landfall south of New Orleans, killing life in the major oil-producing state. All of New Orleans lost power just as the sun set on Sunday as the hurricane hit the shore Katrina’s 16th birthday, leading to a choppy night of pouring rain and howling wind.

A Louisiana sheriff’s office reported the death of one person from Hurricane Ida on Sunday just hours after the powerful storm hit the shore.

President Joe Biden held a virtual meeting Monday with Bel Edwards and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves as well as the mayors of the towns and parishes most affected by Hurricane Ida to receive an update on the impacts of the hurricane. storm and to discuss how the federal government can provide assistance.

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