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Watch: Russian mechanic builds car that throws fire

Wear the Game Of Thrones’ dragon fever, a Russian mechanic improvised his car and turned it into a flame throwing machine. Vahan Mikaelyan worked on a VAZ-2106 Zhiguli, also known as the Lada 1600, to create his custom car, which he aptly called a dragon.

In a video that has gone viral, Mikaelyan’s car can be seen spitting fire up to 20 feet away.

Watch the video here:

United Press International reported that Mikaelyan was planning an event by the end of this month, which would have a car set on fire by his “dragon”.

While Mikaelyan did not provide instructions for use on his experience, a Reddit user explained, “Some station wagons and SUVs have a separate washer reservoir for the rear window / wiper. Replace the spray nozzle with one aimed directly at your vehicle and fill the tank with a mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel.

“Route a 12v line from the battery to a spark plug mounted next to the rear facing nozzle activated by the spray pump relay. No more tailgaters! You might want to put a fire extinguisher there as well, just in case!

Although it may seem like an unusual experience, the Russian is no stranger to giving cars bizarre tricks. Earlier in June this year, Mikaelyan created an eight-legged car – for rolling on legs, not vehicles – resembling a spider.

Mikaelyan has added members to it. He said Reuters, they tried a lot of different legs until it looked amazing. “In the end, he turned out to be such a beauty.”

The tendency to use cars for more than just driving has spread around the world. A Chinese attempted in June to barbecue skewers in the exhaust of his Lamborghini, although he ended up damaging the car.

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