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Watch: firefighters catch 11ft python in Bangkok park

Video of a daring snake rescue by firefighters in Thailand has gone viral on the internet. A python was found on top of a tree in a Bangkok park by joggers and children. It is believed to be one of the biggest pythons spotted in recent times in Benjasiri Park, which is flanked by towering hotels, apartment buildings and several high-end shopping malls.

Onlookers and park staff immediately alerted firefighters after the snake was spotted. Staff had to climb the roofs of neighboring buildings to save the snake.

“The python planned its escape, heading for a building on the edge of the park that houses the World Fellowship of Buddhists. But the firefighters were there waiting for him. Euro news reported.

Watch the python rescue here:

Officials who saved the reptile said The Associated Press he was about 11 feet tall and weighed 77 pounds. According to the report, firefighters said they were often engaged in rescue operations and sometimes caught two snakes a day in residential areas or homes with pets.

Firefighters show off a reticulated python captured from a tree in Benjasiri Park in Bangkok, Thailand. (Source: AP)

Urban spaces eat away at the natural habitats of animals, which explains the increase in snake sightings over the years.

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