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WATCH: Alligator sneaks up on Florida woman fishing with friends

A woman’s fishing trip with friends turned into a spooky experience of having a face to face encounter with a Florida alligator. Now the scary video is breaking the internet.

The woman shared the shocking moment she spotted a big alligator Staring calmly at her from the water a few feet away. The person was filming a friend of his holding a fishing line in the water in an attempt to find an alligator they had previously seen. The man was seen standing over a storm drain, trying to lure an alligator with plastic bait.

As she zoomed in on the water to locate the reptile, jokingly saying that the animal ignored the bait because it was plastic, to her surprise, the animal slowly emerged, camouflaging itself well with the algae. Surprised by the anima’s presence at such close proximity, the woman can be heard screaming, “Oh my god, fucking shit.”

“That’s why you never sit with your legs in the water,” we heard off camera. Realizing the danger, the woman was seen retreating.

The video was originally posted on TikTok where it garnered over 20 million views. “The Florida Everglades never fails to amuse and terrify,” the woman wrote, sharing the now-viral clip.

Watch the video here:

As the woman retreated, the man remained standing on the storm drain. The over-a-minute footage showed the group still standing near the body of water, many comments speaking so loudly could have stirred the animal and things could have ended badly.

Many thought the woman’s encounter with the reptile was lucky as it didn’t jump out of the water to attack and warned that almost all bodies of water in the area are infested with alligators.

The video also reminded many of the May incident when a the man was chased by a huge alligator on a similar fishing trip. A nearly 11-foot reptile suddenly emerged from the water, slid to the shore, and chased the man. The terrifying moment was captured on the young man’s GoPro and it went viral, leaving internet users horrified.

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