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Watch: A whirlwind of dust sweeps over a soccer match in Bolivia

While it’s hard to predict how a match day would turn out, footballers at a tournament in Bolivia didn’t expect a whirlwind of dust to interrupt their play. A swirling column of dust suddenly invaded the room. pitch, causing a frenzy among those on the court and in the stands.

The natural phenomenon was caught on camera and the clip left everyone online in awe of it. It looked like he was almost taking the players out as he crossed the pitch. The footage showed the players lining up and preparing to start the final of a local tournament, when suddenly the column of dust appeared and made everyone run.

The video also captured a moment where the powerful gust of wind swept a person’s clothing into the air as players dispersed to avoid being hit by the vortex. The little whirlwind, however, did not cause any apparent damage while delaying the start of a tournament final in Achocalla, NBC News reported.

“Dust devils” are small whirlpools that pick up dust and debris as they roll across the earth, The Guardian Explain. They are often mistaken for tornadoes, which form with a downward rather than an upward movement of the wind.

The jaw-dropping moment on camera left many concerned, while others pointed out that some people on the pitch remained visibly calm in the midst of it all.

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