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Watch: A man plays basketball with a bull

A bull is an unlikely basketball partner, but a recent viral video proves that assumption wrong.

The undated video, widely shared online, shows a man playing basketball while flanked by a bull to one side. It seems as if the man and the bull are having a game of basketball.

The undated video was posted to Twitter by a popular account, @LeBatardShow. While sharing the video, @LeBatardShow captioned it “Cow Gasol”, a pun on former Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol’s name.

The caption has others twisting the names of famous basketball players with cattle-related things.

Using a pun on the name of former American professional basketball player Wally Szczerbiak, one Twitter user commented, “Wally Szczerbeefak?

Another person wrote “ShaBeef Abdur-Raheem” ​​after the name of a former National Basketball Association (NBA) star, Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Similarly, a Twitter user wrote “Manure Bol” after Manute Bol, a Sudanese-American professional basketball player.

This isn’t the only video that shows cattle playing sports. In 2019, a video of Mardol region in Goa went viral, after it showed a cow snatching a soccer ball from a group of boys and refusing to give up the ball.

In 2021, a video showing two wild bears playing with a ball in Nabarangpur district of Odisha gone viral.