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Watch: a giant python comes out of a shelf in an Australian supermarket

In a frightening incident, a supermarket customer was shocked after spotting a snake in the store in Sydney, Australia. Helaina Alati, who was checking the spice aisle, was shocked when she faced the giant python.

A video of the 3-meter non-poisonous diamond python poking its head through a shelf above spice jars has gone viral on social media.

In an interview with AP, Alati explained that she didn’t notice the snake while it was curled up. “I was in the spice aisle looking for something to put on my chicken that night so I didn’t see him at first because he was curled up behind the little spice jars.” Alati said on Wednesday. “I kind of turned to my right and he stuck his head out.”

Watch the video here:

Lucky for Alati, who is a skilled snake catcher, she knew exactly how to handle the reptile. “Fortunately, I have a background in snakes, so I was pretty calm about it. It certainly shocked me a bit because I wasn’t expecting it, ”she told the news site.

The incident was confirmed by the Woolworths supermarket chain in a statement. “Once he was sighted, our team members reacted quickly and calmly to cordon off the area for the safety of customers,” the website reported.

While it is not known how the snake entered the supermarket, Alati managed to get a video of the reptile as it lifted its body from the shelf. “I said, ‘I’m going to get my snake bag.’ I think they thought I was a little crazy, to be honest. I don’t think they knew what to say when I said there was a 10ft python in your driveway, ”she told the news site.

Alati then managed to catch the snake and released it to a nearby forest.

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