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Watch: A chef duo cooks up the world’s biggest chicken nugget

Celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni from the USA and Lynn Davis from Japan have created another world record. This time they cooked the biggest Chicken nuggets in the world. Previously, the duo cooked the biggest cake pop in the world weighing 44.24 kg.

On Saturday, Nick DiGiovanni posted a YouTube video that showed him and Lynn (popularly known as Lynja) cooking a large 20.960 kg chicken nugget.

The duo first used 40 slices of bread and mashed them in half a gallon of milk. They then beat 40 eggs and seasoned 18 kg of ground chicken with spices. They then mixed together the beaten eggs, bread soaked in milk, and seasoned ground chicken.

The two chefs then added the mixture of chicken nuggets in a specially designed craft and coated it with beaten eggs and breadcrumbs using brushes. Finally, the mixture was baked in a commercial oven.

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Halfway through baking, the baked chicken nugget was removed so it could be coated once more in a breadcrumb mixture before being baked again.

Finally, when the chicken nugget was cooked, it was weighed and inspected by Guinness World Records arbiter Claire Stephens, who then announced it as the largest chicken nugget in the world.

DiGiovanni’s cooking tutorial on Huge Chicken Nugget got over 7.6 lakh views in less than 24 hours.

Commenting on the video, a YouTube user wrote, “These two are going to claim all the records for the most food at this rate! I love all the videos where Nick and Lynja collaborate, they always make my day”