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Video shows alligator gnawing drone, internet users express concern

While using drone cameras can get some pretty spectacular photos and videos, it can lead to some awkward situations as well. The last example being an alligator destroying a drone. Video of the bizarre incident has now sparked an online debate over drones used to record wildlife.

In a TikTok video that went viral, a drone was seen hovering over the swampy waters of the Everglades, Florida when an alligator catches it with its mouth. White smoke billowed from the drone as the alligator began to gnaw at it.

The caption of the video claimed that the people who used the drone did not know how to use it and that it was only the second time that they had flown it. “We were trying to get a close-up of the alligator with its mouth open and thought that obstacle avoidance would make the drone fly,” it read.

Drone operators hoped the remote sensor would prevent it from getting too close to the animal.

Watch the moment here:

The video originally posted on Tiktok by user @devhlanger has also gone viral on other platforms. It gained more attention after Google CEO Sundar Pichai retweeted it.

While TikToker said the incident occurred in the Everglades, some users believe it occurred in an area controlled by the National Parks Service, where there is an anti-drone policy, News week reported.

According to Complex, the user in another video added that “George” is doing fine and “still looked hungry”. However, netizens were concerned whether the alligator was still doing well after consuming the drone.

While some believe that flying drones near wildlife should be banned, others have questioned whether those handling the drone should be held responsible for damage to the reptile, arguing that plastic and lithium are dangerous. for the alligator.

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