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Unconventional ‘slash jeans’ make internet users produce hilarious memes

Fashion trends aren’t always easy to understand, but internet users can often turn them into memes, and that’s exactly what happened when a clothing brand started selling “Slash jeans” for. $ 375 ($ 27,479).

Several photos of the denim jeans were taken on the official website and social media page of Korean clothing brand “LEJE” and shared on Twitter by user @_gastt. In the photos, the ‘Slash’ jeans were basically denim cut in half and then sewn together in an irregular pattern. Here, look :

Since being shared online, the photos of the denim jeans have been shared widely on several social media platforms and have received hilarious reactions from internet users.

While many were intrigued by the cut and sewn design, others were amused. Some also remembered the online game “Fruit Ninja” after seeing the viral post.

“I’m just trying to figure out the concept,” one user tweeted, while another wrote, “Mmm, yeah, I wish I looked like I lost a fight with an anime swordsman too.”

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