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Trending #Rolex on Twitter, after Surya’s cameo in Vikram

Since its theatrical release last Friday, Kamal Haasan star Vikram has been making headlines for its commercial and critical success.

Recently, #Rolex started trending on Twitter after fans started talking about the cameo of actor Surya, who played antagonist Rolex in Vikram. Rolex, the kingpin of a drug-related crime syndicate, is pursued by Kamaal Haasan’s character, agent Arun Kumar Vikram in the film.

The five-minute action-packed role played by Surya was originally supposed to come as a surprise, but fans somehow spotted the actor in the movie’s trailer. This prompted director Lokesh Kanagaraj to reveal Surya’s look in the film just two days before its release.

On Twitter, fans raved about Surya’s appearance as Rolex.

Appreciating Surya’s performance, one Twitter user wrote, “After Rajini, no other Tamil hero has as much hype as #Suriya in Telugu States. The theater erupted for its title card and the entry of #Rolex”.

Another remarked: “When @Suriya_offl sir appears on screen as #Rolex in #Vikram the theater goes crazy. Just 3 to 4 minutes of this man’s presence. So compelling and this man is a Killer Movie beast!! ️”

After the film’s release, Surya thanked Kamal Haasan and director Lokesh Kanagaraj for giving him the opportunity to work in the film.

“Dear @ikamalhaasan Anna எப்படி சொல்றது…!? It’s a dream come true to be on screen with you..! Thank you for making this possible! @Dir_Lokesh Overwhelmed to see all the love!! #Rolex #Vikram,” he wrote.