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NEW YORK (AP) – All good things must come to an end and Matt Amodio’s historic run on “Jeopardy!” That’s exactly what he did on Monday’s show, leaving the Yale doctoral student with 38 wins and over $ 1.5 million in cash prizes.

Amodio did not respond to the Final Jeopardy! clue correctly and came third on Monday’s show, his streak interrupted by new champion Jonathan Fisher, an actor from Coral Gables, Fla.

Amodio finished No.2 on the all-time winning streak list behind Ken Jennings with 74 wins. He won a total of $ 1,518,601, which places him third on the non-tournament cash prize list behind James Holzhauer ($ 2,462,216) and Jennings ($ 2,520,700).

“I know that by participating in every bar trivia game I play, I’m going to enter it with a little intimidating factor. But also, I just like the badge it represents. As someone who puts knowledge and knowing things first, it’s really a good idea to follow me everywhere, ”said Amodio, a fifth-year computer science doctoral student at Yale University, in a report. communicated.

He became known for starting all his questions with “What is …” instead of using appropriate alternatives such as “Who is …”, an unorthodox approach that made some viewers moan. for a long time.

But it was within the rules of the trivia game and, as Amodio explained, helped it limit any “unnecessary moving parts” that could hamper its effectiveness.

What has come to be known as “Amodio Rodeo” proved to be a welcome distraction for the quiz and its producer Sony Pictures Television, who saw their efforts to replace their late and beloved host Alex Trebek founder.

Sony turned to guest hosts Mayim Bialik and Jennings after his initial choice for the role, “Jeopardy!” Executive producer Mike Richards left the show after his derogatory podcast remarks about women and others leaked.

Sony has said it is resuming its search for a permanent host.

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