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It’s pretty clear that being President of the United States is great work – few people ever want to take responsibility because each administration brings its own set of scandals. We are reminded of this right now with the premiere of American Crime Story: Impeachment September 7 on F / X. The Monica Lewinsky scandal, which should really be called the Bill Clinton scandal, has been etched into our brains time and time again.

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But over 20 years later, we’re looking at things from a different perspective, and Lewinsky has the final say as executive producer on the limited series. “This story was told through a sexual lens,” she explained to Hollywood journalist. “I mean, sure, I was aware of those aspects, but that wasn’t what it was for me at the time.” The anti-bullying lawyer finally has a powerful voice in a narrative she had no control over for years – and it has impacted every aspect of her professional and personal life.

But Clinton isn’t the only one who has found himself in hot water for his sexual escapades, we can go back to our third president, Thomas Jefferson, and his much-debated involvement with his slave, Sally Hemings. Even the beauty of Camelot during the John F. Kennedy years was anything but perfect. And of course, other presidents have found themselves embroiled in secret deals and embezzled money that has tainted their administrations – it’s not just about sex. Read about some of the biggest presidential scandals in centuries and decide for yourself who messed up the most.

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