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‘Thand pa’: Video of flamboyant lemonade seller goes viral

As summer has hit Indian cities hard, more and more people are seeking much-needed respite from the heat by drinking lemonade and other beverages.

Earlier this month, a video showing a Sikh lemonade vendor singing catchy jingles while making lemon soda went viral. In the undated video, the lemonade seller talks about the goodness of his drink in a mix of Hindi, English and Punjabi.

The video that was shared on Instagram by a Gourav Sagar on his handle @13_gouravsagar05 shows the man saying: “Baaki nimbu baad vich paunga(I’ll add the remaining lemon later) as he deftly squeezes the lemons into a container. As he proceeds to make the lemon soda by popping the soda bottles, he sings, “Ek baar piyogay toh baar baar mangogay(If you drink this once, you’ll ask for it again and again).

Later, in an exaggeration, he says that after drinking his lemonade, people won’t be thirsty for nine days as amused onlookers look on. He finishes his lemonade preparations with a pinch of black salt and explains flamboyantly: “It’s kala namak, black salt. Que Paa!”. The term thank you dad is Punjabi slang meaning “to relax”.

Like onlookers, Internet users seem amused by the antics of the lemonade seller. One person commented, “wow I like your confidence sir”.

Some netizens have pointed out how the lemonade vendor in the video is very famous for his lively interactions with customers. His name is Surinder Singh.

Many Punjabi artists have even used Singh’s videos and sound clips in their own music projects. Earlier, a video of Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller from West Bengal, went viral for his vscatchy jingle ‘Kacha Badam’.