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Telangana Minister KTR has said Sonu Sood is a superhero. The actor reacts

Telangana Minister KTR called Sonu Sood a superhero in a recent tweet. Sonu thanked KTR for their kind words and also mentioned how the Minister has helped the people of Telangana in this hour of need.

Sonu Sood was touched by KTR’s kind words.

During the Covid-19 crisis, several celebrities lent their support to those in need of medical help. Sonu Sood is one such celebrity who has gone out of his way to help people with medical supplies, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, and hospital beds. His selfless work has not gone unnoticed by Telangana’s Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, KT Rama Rao.

Recently a man who got some help from KTR took to Twitter to thank him. The man had requested an oxygen cylinder for a friend’s father which was delivered to him within 10 hours. The Twitter user called KTR a “real superhero” and wrote: “@KTRTRS @KTRoffice Again, I can’t thank you KTR garu enough. We received the requested #OxygenConcentrator within 10 hours. You have helped a lot to this day and we never forget your continued help to the people at TG. And I have to say this today, you are a real #SuperHeroRed (sic) heart.

In response to his tweet, KT Rama Rao wrote that he was just doing his part to ease people’s pain. However, it is Sonu Sood who should be called a “superhero”. “I am only an elected representative of the public making my little brother. You can call @SonuSood a superhero for sure. Also, I ask you to kindly help others in distress (sic), ”he wrote.

Sonu Sood was touched by Minister Telangana’s kind words. While the actor thanked KTR for showering him with appreciation, he also didn’t forget to mention how much he has done for the people of Telangana. The actor added that he considers Telangana to be his second home. “Thank you very much sir for your kind words! But you are truly a hero who has done so much for Telangana. The state has grown so much under your leadership. I consider Telangana my second home because it is my workplace and people have shown me so much love over the years (sic), ”Sonu Sood tweeted.

Sonu Sood was a “messiah” for hundreds of people who could not afford medical treatment. The actor has worked day and night to make sure that whoever comes to him for help doesn’t come back empty-handed.

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