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Superheroes delight children in the Ukrainian metro station. Watch the video

Ukrainian children face a grim situation amid the ongoing Russian invasion and instead of relishing the joys of childhood, they shelter in basements, under bridges and subway stations with their families. To lighten their time, three artists try to cheer up.

The trio dressed as Batman and Spiderman and a pink bunny sparked laughter and cheers among the children inside Kharkiv metro station and played with them. In a clip shared by Reuters on Twitter, we see children playing and dancing happily with them. You can hear the children laughing out loud while engaging in fun activities organized by the animators.

See the video:

“We are just three guys, a trio of bold, healthy, happy guys. We will help our children with everything we can do. We can bring joy and smiles and with that we help. We don’t give up on our kids,” the Spiderman performer said in the video.

Internet users were delighted with their gesture. Many users have praised them for spreading joy amid despair. “Make a child smile, laugh and play in the midst of war, and you are their war hero. Save their future from all nightmares, anxieties and trauma,” one netizen commented.

It has been over a month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began and hundreds of people have died and millions have fled the country. On Saturday, the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv, was bombed by Russia. Lviv, a city in western Ukraine largely spared since the start of the invasion on February 24, was hit by four rockets on Saturday, according to the Associated press report.