Summary of the news: Former prime minister met with people linked to corruption scandals

KoÅ¡ice and Bratislava finally get a motorway connection – via Hungary. The Supreme Court sentences the editor of Zem to a fine of € 4,000 for Vek magazine.

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Former senior politicians caught on camera meeting people linked to corruption scandals

A video has emerged showing former Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer) and former Home Secretary Robert Kaliňák (Smer) meeting with lawyer Marek Para, the father of businessman Norbert Bödör, Miroslav, and Pavol Gašpar, son of former police chief Tibor Gašpar.

The special prosecutor’s office said it believed the meetings were held as part of attempts by those present to influence the investigation and prosecution of a number of cases of alleged corruption. Those in attendance at recorded meetings can be heard discussing business and press conferences.

Prosecutor General Maroš Žilinka has since ordered an investigation into the leaked tapes as a possible attempt to hijack the course of justice and abuse of power by a public official.

“I consider the disclosure of evidence and information from files in the preparatory proceedings beyond [the investigations‘] legal framework as an absolutely unacceptable attempt to influence the decision-making of law enforcement authorities and courts, to thwart investigations, but also to manipulate public opinion, “ilinka wrote on Facebook.

Fico has since admitted to meeting lawyers and relatives of people he considers innocent of the alleged crimes. He wants his Smer party to propose that parliament discuss the tapes during the current parliamentary session, and said that Attorney General Žilinka, Special Prosecutor Daniel LipÅ¡ic and Interior Minister Roman Mikulec should be summoned to parliament for discussion. He claimed that wiretapping of an opposition leader was unprecedented in the European Union – something he would bring to the attention of the European Commission.

An investigator from the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) of the Očistec (Purgatory) team lodged a criminal complaint with the Inspectorare of the Ministry of the Interior in connection with the leaked recordings.

News about the coronavirus and vaccination

  • 2,850 people tested positive out of 15,341 Covid-19 PCR tests carried out on Monday. The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 rose to 1,302 as 18 more deaths from the disease were reported on Tuesday. The vaccination rate is 45.28 percent; 2,490,134 people received at least a first dose of the vaccine. More statistics on Covid-19 in Slovakia here.
  • According to the latest data, the The third wave of the pandemic has claimed 70 lives so far. Of those who died from very severe pneumonia caused by the coronavirus, 81.5% were not vaccinated. (
  • The European Medicines Agency has approved a third booster dose of the Covid-19 Spikevax vaccine (Moderna) for people aged 18 and over.
  • Registration for the third doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in Slovakia are now available. People aged 55 and over who received a second dose at least 6 months ago receive text messages informing them that they are eligible for a third dose as well as a PIN code they can use to register on

Photo of the day

To date, there is an uninterrupted road connection between Košice and Bratislava. A new 57 kilometer section of the M30 motorway in Hungary between Miskolc and Tornyosnémeti near the Slovak border officially entered service today. From the Milhosť border post, drivers continue on the R4 motorway to Košice.

Featured article of the day

Oli Džupinková, a popular radio host in Slovakia, considers herself a proud Rusyne. Yet she admits that she didn’t realize her Rusyn identity until after leaving eastern Slovakia and settling in the capital on the other side of the country.

Since then, she has embraced her Rusyn identity, including as part of a commercial venture – in 2018, she published an original cookbook of Rusyn dishes cooked by her mother.

With her mother’s recipes, a popular radio host taught Slovaks to cook rusyn dishes Read more

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In other news

  • The Supreme Court has not yet decided on the date of an appeal hearing for Marian Kotleba, leader of the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS), who was sentenced last year to prison for using a neo-Nazi symbol. He handed over checks for € 1,488 – a number widely believed to be linked to neo-Nazi ideology – to poor families at a public event.
  • Slovak MEP and far-right politician ordered by court Milan Uhrík to delete three social media status statements in which he attacked scientist Pavol ÄŒekan.
  • Number of apartments for rent on the market in Bratislava are higher than those for sale. Peter Ondrovič of real estate agency Lexxus said that apartments for sale represent only 40 percent of the apartments on the market in the capital.
  • More … than 5,000 people in Slovakia have filed for personal bankruptcy during the first nine months of the year. Most of them came from the regions of Nitra, Banská Bystrica and PreÅ¡ov. Bratislava had the least. (Dun & Bradstreet)
  • The editor-in-chief of Zem a Vek magazine, Tibor Eliot Rostas, was fined € 4,000 by the Supreme Court for defamation of a nation, race or faith. The decision cannot be appealed. If Rostas does not pay the fine, he will serve a three-month prison sentence. Rostas was not in court at the time of sentencing because he had been excluded from the courtroom for refusing to wear a mask.
  • The Bratislava region is home to the largest number of shopping malls and shopping parks in the country. The inhabitants of the capital visit them not only for shopping, but also for entertainment and relaxation.

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