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Stories Spreading Joy On The Internet Through 2021

Good news in 2021 has been hard to come by, so we’ve made the most of what’s happened. Amid the Covid-19 lockdowns, easing standards, emerging new variants and taking this world into our own hands, humanity has found something to cheer about. Lots of positive news around the world kept our hopes and morale high throughout the year.

Tom Holland and Zendaya welcomed the boy who saved his sister as a superhero

With his siblings, the little boy had fun on the set of Spider-Man No Way Home

Bridger Walker, a 6 year old boy became an internet sensation in July for saving his little sister from a dog attack. Even Marvel superheroes celebrated him, but it was Spider-Man actor Tom Holland who gave him something really special – spending time with the entire cast on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home. As Spider-Man: No Coming Home hit the screens, Holland, not just met the boyhe also asked if he was ready to replace Zendaya for a practice stunt.

A woman in Bengal distributes leftover food to the needy

Bengali woman, food distribution, wedding reception, woman distributing food, social media virus, indian express A woman identified as Papiya Kar was seen handing out food at a train station in Bengal after midnight

A woman handing out leftover food from a wedding reception to the hearts captured underprivileged online. Dressed in all her finery, the woman was seen sitting on a railway platform in West Bengal with metal buckets and large containers full of food from the reception feast.

British girl joins university next to hospital where she beat cancer

cancer, girl joins hospital, lukemia, uk, viral social media, indian express Daughter’s Dad Shares Daughter’s Photo Online And Wins Hearts

For a British father, it was very special when his girl arrived at her dorm a few blocks from the hospital where she once beat cancer. When the emotional dad shared the image online, it not only went viral but reunited the family with the nurse who once cared for the girl as a child.

Mahindra delivers on Manipur boy’s job training promise

Anand Mahindra, Boy From Manipur, Imphal, Mahindra Delivers, Social Media Virus, Indian Express The young boy from Imphal will study at Mahindra University in Hyderabad

Prem Ningombam from Heirok, Manipur took social networks taken over earlier this year with his impressive ability to transform scrap objects into spectacular creations. Anand Mahindra said his business will not only help the boy pursue his dreams, but his foundation will also fund the education of the boy and his siblings. In November this year, the business mogul shared online the update he has fulfilled his promise.

US Paralympic Gold Medalist Receives Touching Letter

Sam Grewe, Tokyo Paralympic Games, Grewe gets a letter, Paralympic Games, social media virus, Indian Express Sam Grewe of the United States won gold in the Men’s High Jump – T63 Final in Tokyo, where he received the letter

American Sam Grewe won gold in the men’s high jump T63 category at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. gave him a letter. The letter was written by Masaki Kando, father of a 13-year-old boy, Haruki, who suffered from osteosarcoma in his right knee when he was 10 and underwent “rotationplasty” surgery just like a 23-year-old American athlete.

Mirabai Chanu congratulates the truckers who helped during the training days

Mirabai Chanu, Facilitator Truck Driver, Olympics, Gold Medalist, Social Media Viral, Indian Express Mirabai Chanu gets emotional upon meeting those who helped her

Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics got emotional as she congratulated those who helped her — the truckers. The young athlete from Manipur had to take numerous lifts of truckers for her daily commute between her home in a small village and her training academy in Imphal, some 30 km away. So, to express her gratitude, she organized an event for them and honored them for their contribution to its achievement.

Good Samaritans save an elderly couple from a burning car

rescued couple, burning car, old people, viral social media, indian express The couple suffered minor burns

A group of good Samaritans have been hailed as heroes on social media after they saved a couple from a burning vehicle in eastern San Diego County. In one video, the group of men were seen pulling the elderly couple out of the burning vehicle.

Gurdwara at UP launches ‘oxygen langar’ for Covid relief

Gurudwara, oxygen, covid, oxygen shortage, social media virus, indian express Patients receive oxygen, provided by a Sikh organization in Indirapuram Gurdwara, PTI photo

The Shri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara at Indirapuram of Ghaziabad with an NGO, Khalsa Help International, opened this single language which provided oxygen on its premises to Covid-19 patients until such time as they found a hospital bed or patients in home isolation whose saturation levels had dropped significantly. The seva began as the second wave of Covid-19 raged across India.

Woman unaware of her pregnancy gives birth on the plane

giving birth on plane, unaware of pregnancy, pregnancy, giving birth on plane, viral social media, indian express Woman gives birth on plane, sparking discussions on social media

Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga boarded the plane from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii, elated with her vacation. The woman, who was without knowing that she was pregnantgave birth on the plane and disembarked with her healthy baby boy Raymond, courtesy of medical workers traveling on the same plane.

Mother-son hands out free food during Covid

covid, free food during covid, bombay humans, free meals, mother son, viral social media, indian express The duo have been helping the needy for nearly a year

A mother-son duo in Mumbai have won hearts by feeding the needy for free amid the second wave of Covid, reaffirming people’s faith in humanity. Together they have “distributed more than 22,000 meals55,000 rotis and 6,000 homemade sweets” during Covid-19, they told Humans of Bombay in May this year.

An elderly artist doodled every day for a full pandemic year

artist, doodle, covid, art during covid, viral social media, indian express Artist Robert Seaman holds the 365th daily scribble sketch in his room

An 88-year-old artist looking to fill time during the pandemic has completed an entire year of elaborate daily doodles. Seaman has been drawing since he was a child, and at age 60 he left a career in real estate to pursue his hobby professionally. But it took the coronavirus pandemic to return to his passion.