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Sir Kenneth Branagh wins the first Oscar | Entertainment and celebrity news

Sir Kenneth Branagh won his first Oscar on Sunday (27.03.22).

The actor and director – who has been nominated eight times – won best original screenplay for his film ‘Belfast’ and hailed the accolade as a “huge honour”.

He said: “Thank you Academy voters, my fellow nominees, I salute you.

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“It’s a huge honor for my family, it’s a great tribute to an incredible city and fantastic people…

“This story is about finding joy and hope in the face of violence and loss. We lost people along the way, Johnny Sessions, Jim Dornan, Leah Newman. We miss them, we love them, we will never forget them and we will never forget all those who are part of the heartbreaking, heartwarming, human and amazing history of ‘Belfast’ on the fabulous island of Ireland.

“It means a lot, thank you very much.”

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The Best Adapted Screenplay award went to ‘CODA’ director Sian Heder and she admitted working on the film was “really life changing”.

Joined on stage at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood by a performer who signed his speech, said: “Oh my God, it was an independent film and it was incredibly difficult to make, so I want to thank my team, my producers, all of you for believing in me.

“I want to thank Sundance for starting this journey, I want to thank Apple for being amazing partners on this journey.

“Writing and directing this film has truly changed my life as an artist and a human being, I want to thank all of my collaborators in the deaf community and the CODA community for being my teachers…

“My amazing cast…you are amazing, you are my family, and I want to thank my real family My mom and dad are here somewhere, sister, you are artists, you made me an artist, you have make me do things.

“My husband David, I couldn’t do this without you, it’s so hard to be a director and a mom and you make this possible. My children, Nico and Milo, I love you so much, I love you forever.”