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Simon Gregson’s wife drops a bomb

Fans of I’m A Celebrity jumped for joy when they heard Coronation Street legend Simon Gregson was heading for the castle.

However, speaking to Lorraine Kelly today (December 1), his wife Emma predicted that the Steve McDonald actor would soon be “annoyed” by the Lords challenge.

Simon Gregson’s wife Emma appeared on Lorraine today (ITV)

I’m A Celebrity news: Simon and Adam are the lords of the castle

Simon and fellow soap icon Adam Woodyatt spent their early days living as lords of I’m A Celebrity Castle.

And, while Adam seems to have loved it, Emma has stated that Simon will just want to “get stuck.”

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Of course, the pair are not allowed to lift a finger as part of the task. Instead, other campmates have to wait for them hand and foot.

And, Emma predicts, Simon will soon be tired of sitting around doing nothing.

She told Lorraine that we “might” see a “crankier side” about him.

“I think he wants those privileges taken away from him. He’s not the type to sit down and not get involved in something, ”she said.

“It’s going to really annoy him actually. I think he just wants to get stuck in there. While Adam is the other way around – he loves every second.

“Simon needs to get involved and get stuck and I think then we’ll see him more at home.”

I am a celebrity
Emma shared the news that I’m a celebrity star, Simon will soon be fed up with being a lord (ITV)

I’m A Celebrity news: Simon’s bond with Adam

Emma also spoke of her husband’s “bond” to Adam.

“They met in the past because they’ve been on soap operas for so long, but they weren’t friends as such,” she said.

“But they seem to have a connection, they’re a bit of a double act.”

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Emma has also revealed how she thinks Simon is doing in the castle.

“He loves the outdoors,” she said. “So he should find that a snap. He’s a real outdoorsman.

“He loves chopping wood and camping. When I saw him on screen the other day I thought he looked a lot more relaxed than I thought.

When asked if she would like to see him covered in spiders, which are her biggest fear, Emma said: “I hope so.”

She also revealed that she “absolutely” voted for him to do the testing.

Emma added that whether or not he wins the series, Simon will always be his “king”.

And she revealed the real reason he signed up for the show.

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Emma said she was voting ‘absolutely’ to have him do all of the testing (ITV)

Why did Simon sign up for I’m A Celebrity?

“Partly it was the fact that the kids harassed him every year to do it,” she said of their sons Henry, Harry and Alfie.

“But he’s getting a little older now and, like he said last night, the only thing he’s ever done is Corrie.”

“He hasn’t shown everyone he’s different, although he’s quite similar to Steve.

“He needed to go out there and challenge himself,” she said.

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