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Scotty McCreery is expecting his first child with his wife Gabi | Entertainment and celebrity news

Scotty McCreery is expecting his first child with his wife Gabi.

The 28-year-old country singer has been married to nurse Gabi Dugal, 26, since 2018 and explained that “now is a good time to settle down” in life as the couple look forward to welcoming a Boy.

He said: “We have a little man on the way! We always knew we wanted kids, but we always knew we wanted the first years to travel and have time on the road, to see things and do life experience. We’ve got to live a lot of life and do cool things, so it seems like a good time to settle down a bit and expand the family.”

The ‘Damn Strait’ hitmaker – who rose to fame when he won 2011’s ‘American Idol’ – went on to explain that he first suspected the baby would be a girl due to their combined family histories, but claimed it was a “lovely surprise” to find out otherwise and is delighted to be teaching his son the sport.

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He told PEOPLE: “I was the only boy on both sides of my family, the last McCreery boy there. Gabi comes from two sisters in his family, so I just thought it would be a girl. But we had a boy surprise We would have been delighted with either one, but I grew up playing sports, so introducing him to baseball, which was my first love with music, and golf is just the little things that [will be great]!”

Meanwhile, Gabi claimed her nursing career had “definitely prepared” her for motherhood.

She said: “Being a nurse has definitely shown me the ropes a bit. Even changing nappies several times a day and figuring out how to soothe the baby when he’s upset has definitely helped me. I I feel like it prepared me in a lot of ways.”