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#SchoolReopen: It’s raining memes as kids go back to school

After more than a year and a half, children in many states were finally back to school on Wednesday. At least five States and Union Territories, including Delhi and Tamil Nadu, have decided to reopen schools by following the Covid-19 protocols. While in the real world, security was a concern, conversations were dominated by hilarious memes online.

From staggered lunch breaks to limited seating in classrooms, local governments and educational institutions have enforced strict rules and guidelines to keep students safe. Although there have been fears that a third wave will soon hit the country, with Covid cases declining in most places, several state governments have decided to slowly return to normal.

As schools were set to reopen after a long hiatus due to the pandemic, where students would be back in physical classrooms moving away from distance learning, internet users couldn’t help but imagine situations hilarious. From kids having tantrums to waking up early to maintaining strict decorum, social media was teeming with memes.

Many joking parents will finally have “time for me” while the children return to school, others explained how sad and confused children must feel when they come home. Check out some of the cool memes from the #SchoolReopen trend on Twitter.

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