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Prince Charles worries about ‘alarming’ temperatures | Entertainment and celebrity news

Prince Charles has highlighted how ‘alarming record high temperatures’ in the UK have proven him right on the ‘urgency’ of climate change.

The Prince of Wales has been an outspoken environmentalist for decades and stressed how ‘vitally important’ it is for businesses to commit to net zero, as it is ‘essential’ that action is taken to help the planet.

Speaking at a garden party marking his 70th birthday as head of the Duchy of Cornwall at Boconnoc House, Lostwithiel, Charles highlighted the estate’s plan to reach net zero by the early 2030s and said said: “If I may say so, these commitments around net zero have never been of vital importance as we all suffocate in today’s alarming and record high temperatures in Britain and Europe.

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“As I have tried to indicate for some time, the climate crisis is truly a real emergency and addressing it is absolutely essential – for Cornwall, the country and the rest of the world.”

Charles expressed sympathy for the ‘brave’ group of more than 600 Cornish people at the party for ‘having to endure this inordinate heat’, and joked that it was ‘pretty quintessentially British’.

He added: “More like rabid dogs and English people going out in the midday sun. But you are all very resilient and brave.

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The 73-year-old prince has acknowledged he will pass the Duke of Cornwall title to his son Prince William when he becomes king and hopes he leaves the duchy in “better condition” than he found it.

He said: “I have made countless visits to farms in the Duchy which I have seen evolve over generations.

“Having started with grandfathers 53 years ago, I am now coming to the end of my time with grandsons and granddaughters.

“I cannot help but feel the greatest gratitude for all those who have gone before us and whose careful and dedicated stewardship has bequeathed to us the Duchy I have had the privilege of serving for these 70 years.

“Now, as I find myself in the somewhat unnerving position of being the oldest Duke since 1337, I can only hope that the changes I have made mean that he will be even better for those to come. after me.”

Charles has made more than 300 official visits to Cornwall over the years and recalled some of his favorite moments, including when he asked the ‘extremely deaf’ president at a Royal Cornwall Show to show him the tent bees and that he was instead led to “the toilet tent – the pee tent”.