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Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla unveil Christmas card | Celebrity entertainment and news

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have shared their 2021 Christmas card.

The greeting card from the British Royal Family was posted on the Clarence House Instagram page and features a photo of them taken by Samir Hussein at Royal Ascot in the summer, which they both wear face coverings on.

The photo on the card is captioned: “As the countdown to Christmas begins, today we share this year’s official Christmas card from the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.”

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The choice of an image of the pair in masks comes after Charles and Camilla urged anyone hesitant to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

They praised the “ingenuity and determination” of those involved in the vaccination campaign on the anniversary of Britain’s first jab earlier this week.

A statement from Charles, 73, and Camilla, 74, said: “We can only urge you to look at the evidence in our intensive care units.

“Unvaccinated people are at least 10 times more likely to be hospitalized or die than those who received two doses of the vaccine.”

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The couple also revealed they received their booster shots urging those in doubt to heed the warnings from those working in the NHS, who spoke of the increased risks faced by people who have not been vaccinated.

They said: “This is why we are urging everyone to get vaccinated and take the booster, like we have done on our own.”

Charles and Camilla also paid tribute to the work of the NHS as more than 100 million doses have been delivered since the first jab in December 2020.

The couple added: “We can only offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to all the scientists, volunteers and NHS workers who have contributed to this extraordinary achievement.”

Charles contracted COVID-19 in March of last year and later admitted he felt “lucky” to have gotten away with it lightly.

He said: “I have had it, and I can understand so much what other people have been through. And I especially feel for those, for example, who have lost their loved ones and who could not be with them. back then. That to me is the most horrible thing. “