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One in a million: a five-legged lamb born in the UK

On a farm in Morpeth in the UK, a lamb was born with an extra leg protruding from its left side. Owners of Whitehouse Farm, where the rare lamb was born, have been inundated with visitors eager to see the yet-to-be-named newborn.

Heather Horgarthy, the owner of the farm, told Chronicle Live: “You could see her (the extra leg) from birth. It’s on the front left side so it’s just another leg sticking out of the shoulder.

Animals born with such malformations develop medical complications and must undergo operations. Horgarthy, who last saw a five-legged lamb named Quinto nearly 10 years ago, told media the animal continued to live a long and healthy life after his extra leg was surgically removed. . Hoping that this lamb is also leading a normal life, Horgarthy said: ‘We believe that as long as he is going to live a normal life, we will keep him. We’re just keeping an eye on this one by the minute, so the leg may need to be removed.

She also added that five-legged lambs are extremely rare, with only one in a million lambs born like this.

In January of this year, a calf was born with three eyes in the Rajnandgaon of Chhattisgarh. The birth of a three-eyed calf prompted people to regard it as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is said to have “trinity” or three eyes.