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Nicola Coughlan reveals another Bridgerton ending was on the cards | Celebrity entertainment and news

Nicola Coughlan has revealed that the first season of “Bridgerton” was to have a different ending.

The 34-year-old actress plays Penelope Featherington in the hit Netflix drama and it was revealed at the end of the first series that she was the mysterious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown, but the star explained that the bosses of the series did not know when to make the reveal. .

Speaking at an event for the streamer, Nicola said, “It was a new shoot in July, so they filmed a different ending. They were going to make it look like Cressida Cowper.”

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The “Derry Girls” actress spoke about how the ending was altered to accommodate her character’s storylines in the upcoming second season, which she described as “very satisfying.”

Nicola said: “How can I say this without being a spoiler? It’s very satisfying, what’s going on with Penelope, in season two.”

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The actress also revealed that, unlike her character, she couldn’t help but unveil the secret of her explosive plot.

She added, “I’ve told everyone that. Unlike Penelope, I’m really bad at keeping my own secrets.”

The first season of “Bridgerton” became the most watched show on Netflix and Nicola previously announced that developments would be even more “spicy” during the new series.

She said: “I would say it’s a lot spicier. You definitely see more aspects of her. We find out at the end of the first season (that she’s Lady Whistledown), it’s there but we don’t. not want to get there explore it, but the world opens up.

“I feel like the world of ‘Bridgerton’ has grown and you’re going to see a lot more aspects of her. She’s a sassy chick.”

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