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Miami airport military veteran’s explosion of violence goes viral

Miami International Airport passengers and staff recently found themselves in a difficult situation when a rowdy passenger erupted into a physical altercation. A video of the man at the American Airlines terminal screaming aggressively and spouting abuse has gone viral on social media.

In the one-minute clip, which has garnered over 6 million views, the person continues to yell at staff, knock down barricades and even throw things, scaring those around him. ” Where is the police ? One person can be heard saying in the video. “Meanwhile in MIA last night,” user @ONLYinDADE tweeted while sharing the clip.

[Strong language. Viewers discretion advised]

After several videos of the man were shared on social media, the Miami-Dade Police Department responded to the incident. In a tweet, they wrote that the man in question was a “military veteran in crisis”.

“Our airport district officers immediately responded to the call from the airport staff and transported him to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation. The MDPD is committed to ensuring the safety of all our residents and visitors.

Since being shared online, the clip has sparked several reactions online, with many expressing shock at the incident.

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