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Meteorologist’s dog interrupts weather report and internet users love him

People watching the Toronto weather report were about to have a visual treat when a dog casually entered during a forecast. Meteorologist Anthony Farnell’s adorable dog ‘Storm the Weather Dog’ is now a social media sensation after deciding to barge in on a live TV report in search of treats.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the mini Goldendoodle is seen casually walking towards Farnell, the chief meteorologist of Global News, who was on the air to explain the weather forecast in Canada on August 28.

“Yes, Storm is in the building, receiving treats, walking through the air,” Farnell can be heard saying in the viral clip where the dog is seen roaming around.

Watch the video here:

While the stray dog ​​on the green screen was a real distraction, Farnell continued the reporting and concluded the segment without a hitch. The video was an instant social media hit after it was posted by Global News on YouTube.

Viewers also didn’t seem bothered by Storm’s presence. “What a good boy. He doesn’t really interrupt her, he just looks at his owner and checks out the scene, ”one person wrote in response to the viral clip, which has now garnered over 2 million views.

However, this is not the first time the dog has appeared on camera. According to a USA Today article, the dog also went viral in 2012 after appearing behind the presenter’s desk.

In an interview with Pawsh Magazine in 2019, Farnell said, “I was working on my weather maps and assumed Storm was under my desk. A few minutes later, I glanced at the TV monitor in front of me and there was Storm, poking her head out from under the news desk right next to the presenter during our live broadcast.

Again, netizens love Storm’s appearance in the live report, with many urging the media company to make the dog a regular.

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