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Meet Raju Patel, a beggar who accepts digital alms

Over time, digital money is becoming more and more important in our lives. It inspires people to incorporate technology into their lives. Raju Patel, a beggar from Bihar, is one of them!

On Tuesday, ANI reported that Raju Patel had abandoned the traditional method of asking for alms and started using PhonePe, a digital wallet and online payment app.

Some people, amused by Patel’s innovation, called him “India’s first digital beggar”. Meanwhile, a few people have pointed out how technology and digital literacy have done little to eradicate poverty.

“It’s both good and bad. Luckily digitization has reached the masses. Too bad the government is not doing enough to reduce begging, give jobs and these people themselves feel content to beg and to do nothing for themselves to get by and brighten their future,” one Twitter user commented.

A few Bettiah Twitter users have also pointed out that Patel is a popular figure at Bihar’s Bettiah Railway Station.

Explaining his need to innovate, Patel told ANI: “Many times people refused to give me alms saying they had no money in small denominations. Many travelers said that in the age of e-wallets, it was no longer necessary to carry cash, for this reason, I opened a bank account and an e-wallet account.

He added, “I accept digital payments, that’s enough to get the job done and fill my stomach.”