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McDonald’s cilantro ice cream sundae is taking the internet by storm

McDonald’s, the world’s largest hamburger chain, has introduced a cilantro ice cream sundae in China.

“McDonald’s China launched a special Cilantro Sundae menu item today which is interesting,” said Twitter user Daniel Ahmad.

The sundae is available for 6.6 yuan at McDonald’s stores in China as part of a series of “members only” promotions.

Global brands, from restaurants to automakers, sometimes offer offbeat products to appeal to Chinese tastes in the crowded and fiercely competitive market.


“There is no need to post unnecessary products,” said a comment left on the company’s microblog account. It received over 2,000 likes.


“When you hate someone but have to take them out to dinner, you can ask them to eat McDonald’s Cilantro Sundae,” a separate comment on Sina Weibo said.

McDonald’s China had previously made headlines for selling a Spam sandwich topped with crushed Oreo cookies in China on Monday in an eye-catching move that raised eyebrows.

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It comes after the company’s sales in China contracted after some cities banned eating in restaurants to control new outbreaks of the pandemic ahead of February’s Winter Olympics.

McDonald’s in China and Hong Kong is 52% owned by CITIC, while Carlyle has a 28% stake. McDonald’s itself retains a 20% stake in the company. Menu innovation is at the heart of the partnership.

The structure aims to improve sales in existing stores and expand outlets. The American fast-food chain wants to open more restaurants in lower-tier Chinese cities, increase delivery capacity and bring a “digitalized and personalized” dining experience to more Chinese customers.

Fast-food companies, including McDonald’s and Yum China’s rival KFC, are recovering from a series of food supply scandals in China that have hurt their performance.

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