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Man disguises himself as a woman to show up for his girlfriend’s exam

All is fair in love and war. Taking this idiom rather seriously, a loving boyfriend disguised herself as a girlfriend to take her exams because she was worried she wouldn’t erase them. Although the Senegalese man managed to pull off the coup at first, the 22-year-old was later arrested and handed over to the police.

Khadim Mboup, a student at Gaston Berger University, took care to disguise himself as a woman, with makeup, scarf, bra and even earrings, Ladbible reported.

Mboup’s plan to help his lover worked strangely – he managed to sneak in for three consecutive days on behalf of his girlfriend Gangue Dioum, who was supposed to take her high school leaving exams. But things took a turn for the worse on day four when a supervisor noticed something in his appearance.

After her arrest, Mboup implicated his 19-year-old girlfriend and led the police to a lodge where she awaited her return from the exam, iHarare reported.

The beloved lover said it was out of love for his girlfriend that he agreed to do it.

The lovebirds were charged with cheating and forgery and exam fraud. According to Pulse News, if the couple are convicted, they will be banned from taking national exams for five years and will be deprived of any diploma. The couple can also be jailed for up to five years, the report added.

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