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Maluma made two albums during pandemic, explains how, Entertainment News

Others may have struggled during the lockdown phase last year – and that’s okay too – but for some it has turned them into hyper-focused individuals. Example: Colombian singer Maluma.

In a recent interview with American animator Jimmy Fallon, the Latin Grammy Award winner said he would work all day and basically be confined to his home studio.

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“I have a studio in my house, the one I was telling you about. And then I have the elevator that goes straight to the studio. During the pandemic and everything, the only thing I did was literally wake up in pajamas and just going straight to the studio to make music. That’s how I ended up doing two albums in a year, man, “he told the talk show host of celebrities.

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When Fallon asked him when he wrote for others to impress girls, embarrassed Maluma said, “I saw all the relationships my friends had. They were working with my poems, with my letters. was like, “Damn. I should be doing this for a living. “Maluma added,” Then I started to compose music and everything, here we are. ”

Recently, Maluma made headlines for allegedly dating reality TV megastar Kim Kardashian. However, the singer refuted this information.

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