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Look: a bat dog interrupts a baseball game, Internet users defend a “good boy”

Give a dog such a job that involves an open field and a ball, there will certainly be some interesting times.

While a four-legged player, a little too excited about his special Minor League Baseball debut in New York, interrupted the game, Internet users and gamers surely did not care!

Trenton Thunder’s bat dog, Rookie, is no stranger to baseball diamonds and takes his job very seriously. But when he attended a game at Sahlen Field on Wednesday night, he couldn’t control his urges to see balls flying around him. He was seen running around the field during a game between the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and the Buffalo Bisons, leaving spectators and commentators mixed.

Interrupting play when a player was ready to strike, the dog rejoined the match mid-game on the last canine day of the season. In the 23-second video shared by Minor League Baseball on their Twitter account, the dog was seen hopping around the field full of excitement before coming back to the sides. “He wanted baseball,” commentators said, asking Rookie to relax.

Although the Bisons didn’t win the game, the adorable golden retriever definitely stole the hearts of their fans in the stadium and those online as the video garnered over 590,000 views.

“I always have a problem going from the cover of third base to first bat. But I did better after that one. Yes, I was excited to see my
@TrentonThunder frens still playing with @BuffaloBisons now, ”replied Rookie, who has a Twitter account, blundering. The dog also later posted a video about how he reconciled with the Bisons.

MiLB further expressed how proud they are of the four-legged pal by sharing a follow-up video in which the dog was seen doing his official duty well. They captioned it saying, “You are amazing, darling”.

Internet users were obviously in favor of the dog’s impulsive behavior, as many said the “good boy” had done nothing wrong.

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