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Latest TikTok ‘Sneaky Licking’ Trend Shocks US Schools, Trending News

Reports say a new TIC Tac The challenge known as the “sneaky licks” led students in the United States to destroy and steal property.

Viral trend TikTok has reportedly worried teachers and parents with incidents of vandalism which takes place in New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Reports indicate that some schools in the Connecticut area have asked TikTok users to ban who participated in the “sneaky licks” challenge.


Another report claimed that a student of Alabama The school has been accused of stealing a fire extinguisher as part of the TikTok challenge.

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A student in Florida was also arrested for damaging soap dispensers. TikTok is reportedly set to ban content related to the “sneaky lick” trend.



Similar reports of property damage and loss have also been reported in New Jersey schools. Reports say some schools have gone so far as to shut down bathrooms to stop the carnage.

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