Khloé Kardashian takes over Tristan Thompson despite his infidelity scandals?

“She fell in love with Tristan again. She never really got over him in the first place, ‘a source said

Khloé Kardashian once again sparks reconciliation rumors with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

The former couple are said to have reunited again, after briefly breaking up earlier, according to an insider.

“It might not be the most ideal situation due to her trust issues, but she is desperate to make it work and he has once again vowed to do better,” the insider said.

“Khloé wants Tristan in True’s life and she still has hopes for this second child. They are far from over.

A second source added: “He also promised Khloé that things will be different this time around and that he signed with the Sacramento Kings to be closer to her and True, and to be a real family and her. believe it. “

“Tristan charmed her return to Khloé’s life – racking up compliments, saying how pretty she is and surprising her with expensive gifts,” the source shared, adding, “She fell in love with him again. said, she never really got past him in the first place.

Khloé and Tristan split in June, after they were pictured walking into a room with a group of girls at a party.

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