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Kerala Couple Operate Bus With Awesome Features – Story Goes Viral

Kerala couple Giri Gopinath and Thara are winning hearts on social media for operating a beautifully decorated bus – fitted with LED lights, music system, CCTV cameras and other attractions – for locals of Alappuzha district.
The couple operate a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation bus and have invested their own money to spruce them up. While Gopi is the driver, his wife Thara works as the conductor. Their story and a video of their bus went viral on social media.
Locals love their bus because its interiors are nicely decorated and it even boasts of a great music system. Many people take pictures and videos of the bus daily, and one such video caught the attention of millions of users on Facebook.

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In the video, the first thing that catches the eye is the presence of no less than six CCTV cameras on the bus. The couple explained that they wanted to ensure the safety of every passenger on their bus and had therefore also installed emergency switches there.
Safety is not the only advantage on the bus as it also has one of the best entertainment facilities – a music system, mechanized air fresheners, dolls to keep the kids occupied during the trip and an LED system.

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The couple decorated the bus with their own money and befriended regular passengers on the road.
“Every day we get up at 1:15 a.m. and reach the depot at 2 a.m.,” Thara said in the Facebook video. “Then Giri cleans the bus and our service starts at 5.50am,” Thara added.