Kenya: the five scandals of comedian Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi, the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, is known to most as a talented artist who rose through the ranks to dominate the entertainment industry in Africa.

But he’s also become a controversial figure in recent times with a number of not-so-pleasant incidents associated with his name. Here are some of the controversial stunts associated with it.

1. Naked Swimming Stunt – In February 2018, the comedian once stripped naked and swam in a river in a comedic waterfall suggesting he was a village boy. The stunt sparked a huge outcry on social media, which led to his apologies and public support from stakeholders, including former Safaricom chief executive, the late Bob Collymore.

2. Public spit with movie boss Ezekiel Mutua – After Mutua called the performers “broke and beggars” in July 2021, an enraged Omondi fired back via social media, accusing the movie boss of embezzling public funds and not to honor its promises to artists. He then vowed to ensure that Mutua was removed from his post.

3. Arrested for Sharing Inappropriate Content – The Omondi beef with Mutua had started months earlier when the film’s boss had the comedian arrested for sharing inappropriate content from his Wife Material show. Mutua was released days later and a team of mediators led by Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill and Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o were set up to help settle the differences between the two.

4. Suspended show – And that’s not all. In March 2021, the comedian’s show was put on hold for airing indecent scenes that caught the attention of, you guessed it, Mutua. The suspension came days after his arrest for breaking the film law by distributing the unauthorized film. Eric then apologized for the content of the show and came to an agreement with Mr. Mutua to no longer broadcast obscene content.

5. Baby Mom Drama – And now this. The comedian has been a hot topic this week after his baby mum Jackie Maribe recently called him out for being a deadbeat and failing to support their seven-year-old son. Omondi denied the allegations and challenged Maribe to a DNA test.

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