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Kate Beckinsale: I have a very high IQ | Celebrity entertainment and news

Kate Beckinsale has a “very high” IQ.

The 48-year-old actress revealed that her mother, Judy Loe, had her brain tested as a child and found her IQ to be 152 – which is considered “very high” – although Kate is convinced that she has “burned some brain cells” since taking the test.

When asked during an appearance on the Howard Stern radio show if she had ever had an IQ test, she replied, “I did. I’ll have to ask my mom. It was very high. I think she had me tested because very intelligent children are almost unbearable.

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“They tested me when I was young, so I mean I’m sure I’ve burned some brain cells already.”

An IQ of 100 is considered average, while an IQ of 130 and above is generally considered high IQ, meaning Kate’s childhood score was significantly above average.

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But the ‘Jolt’ actress says her IQ hasn’t been of much help in her career, and she actually thinks being smart hasn’t been “good” for her.

She added, “Every doctor, every person I have met said, ‘You would be so much happier if you were 30% less intelligent. It’s not good for me, however. It really doesn’t help me in my career. I just think it could have been a handicap actually.

Howard then asked if her IQ meant she thought men were ‘idiots’ when she was dating someone, to which Kate joked,’ Don’t you think most women say that?

But Kate – who has a daughter Lily, 22, with ex-partner Michael Sheen, and was also married to Len Wiseman – says she tends to prioritize humor over intelligence when it comes to to find love.

She said, “I have found that I can forgive a lot if someone is funny. There is a certain intelligence in someone who is funny that I am able to play with.

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