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Justin Bieber says he needed ‘serious’ healing before marriage

Justin and Hailey Bieber celebrate their birthday on November 22, 2018. |

In a Sunday podcast on Marriage and Relationships, Justin Bieber admitted that his past was filled with “trauma and scars” and that the only way for him to get into a “healthy” marriage relationship with his wife, Hailey, was to experience a “serious” recovery. .

Justin and Hailey Bieber were featured in a recent episode of the “In Good Faith” podcast hosted by Pastor Judah Smith and his wife, Chelsea, from Churchome in Kirkland, Washington.

The discussion was titled “Why Marriage? ”

“I had a lot of trauma and scarring, so I just made a commitment to work on those things, to get healthy. And Hailey just accepted me as I was, ”recalls Justin Bieber before getting married in September 2018.

“And when we got married, there was still a lot of damage and injury that I still had to overcome, but she had seen my heart through it all. And I could cry thinking about it, to be honest. I got to a point where I was like, “There is nothing else that I want more.”

Hailey Bieber has said she knows her husband must have grown up going through a healing process, but part of the journey remains a mystery to her. However, she is happy that he has “endured” and that they are in a place where they are “united” in their marriage.

“There was a lot of this work that I didn’t even know was happening because I wasn’t a part of it. And I totally agree with that, ”she said. “It’s just that I’m thankful that you decided to do the job.”

The Biebers have known each other since their teens after Hailey Baldwin was introduced to the pop star by her famous father, Stephen, in 2009. The model told Elle magazine in an interview in 2020 that the two dated when she was 19. years old and in his early twenties. The relationship didn’t last at the time because their lives “were going in very different directions.” They then reconnected at a church conference in Miami a few years later.

In June 2018, the two are in a relationship again. In July of the same year, they were engaged. And in September 2018, they were married.

“So obviously it was really quick,” Hailey Bieber recalled of the progression to marriage.

“But, I think anyone who knows the story knows that we didn’t just meet. And I feel like that was something I was trying to fight against in the beginning, when I was trying to explain it to people. I’ve known this man literally since he was little.

Justin Bieber said he remembers nights he spent spending his time journaling his prayers to God to meet his future wife.

“I was talking about Hailey, not knowing she was the one I was going to marry, just praying for my wife, just praying that God would protect her.” And just as I knew I was preparing for her, that he would prepare my wife for me, ”said Justin Bieber.

“I also think the idea of ​​what marriage means, the meaning and gravity of that and just making that commitment is really a step of faith,” he added.

The Biebers said that in addition to providing marriage counseling, the Smiths served as mentors during some more difficult seasons of their marriage.

The two couples said they had such a close friendship that they saw each other as family.

“They’re both my two favorite people. … Family is a higher priority for us because of you two, ”Judah Smith told The Biebers during the podcast. “All their fans and admirers around the world are saying, ‘Woah, it must be something really special and important to have a family and to love and care for each other, to listen and to laugh, create memories and watch shows. . ‘ And so, family is a higher priority for us because of you two. ”

“We have walked this journey of their relationship with them for many years,” added Chelsea Smith. “Listen to them talk about yesterday and today, about their teenage years and the incredible relationship they’ve come to now, the painful journey they’ve endured and embarked on. [is] really amazing to hear about their own words.

For Judah Smith, attending Bieber’s wedding was a life-changing experience as their union served as an example.

“What mattered a lot to me was how Justin viewed marriage as scared. Marriage is a really special thing for the four of us,” said Judah Smith. “We think it’s super sacred, and I You can see it in Justin. You said, “This is not a game.” I’m about to publicly profess to the people who matter most to me that this is the woman I choose.

“Fro, I saw it in your eyes, and I got so nervous. It was a lifelong commitment for both of you,” continued Judah Smith. “But, I think it impacted Chelsea and me personally on such a deep and deep level. “

Bieber shared in a 2019 interview with Vogue that the couple abstained from sex until their wedding night. He said that prior to his marriage and reconnection with God, he had found himself addicted to Xanax and had “a legitimate problem with sex.”

For a while, the Biebers struggled in marriage because Justin Bieber was facing an unknown mental health issue where he said he didn’t know what was going on in his brain.

“I was having these experiences outside of the body,” he said. He recalls having problems with “weird sensory stuff”, such as his arms and hands feeling in a “weird way”.

Justin Bieber said he was grateful his wife hadn’t abandoned him as he faced the challenges. Now he says he’s in a much better place.

“I healed things. We show up for each other every day, just being consistent, seeing that she wasn’t going anywhere, ”Bieber said. “I think I had a lot of rejection issues that I had to overcome. Corn, [she] just continually shown everyday, being there for me. I kept seeing this over and over again, and I became more confident of where we were in our relationship.

“It was the most difficult thing of my life at the time. But I knew for a fact that I had loved this person for a very long time and that now was not the time to give up,” said Hailey Bieber. “I couldn’t do this to him. Imagine abandoning someone in the middle of potentially the worst time of their life. I’m just not that kind of person. I was going to hold on no matter what the outcome. ”

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