How former FCMB boss Nedu Comedian’s paternity scandals sparked DNA testing boom in 2021

Never in recent times has the issue of DNA testing and paternity fraud been so topical and controversial as in 2021.

The year has witnessed a series of shocking events that have plunged many Nigerian men into the dilemma of confirming paternity of their wards or simply letting sleeping dogs lie!

But two landmark incidents have given rise to new patronage and an increase in DNA testing in Nigeria.

The Adam Nuru fatherhood scandal

It all started in December 2020 but turned into a real scandal in January 2021.

It has been revealed that a lady, Moyo Thomas, allegedly had an affair with Adam Nuru, then managing director of First City Monument Bank, resulting in two children.

PREMIUM TIME reported how more than 1,900 people signed a petition asking the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sack Mr. Nuru.

The petition alleged that MD Bank was responsible for the death of the husband of her alleged lover, Tunde Thomas.

Thomas is said to have died of depression on December 16, 2020.

According to the petition, following the alleged affair of the FCMB General Manager with Moyo, she informed her husband that she was leaving Nigeria for the United States with the children only to call him upon arrival that the children would not. did not belong to him.

The petition claimed the news initially caused the deceased to have a stroke, but then recovered and subsequently met another woman he planned to marry.

However, he reportedly suffered cardiac arrest after returning from work about two days before his presentation to his already pregnant girlfriend.

FCMB was in the eye of the storm when allegations of an unprofessional love affair between the two parties were made public by friends of the deceased.

The bank would later appoint Yemisi Edun as interim CEO.

The move came amid the scandal involving the bank’s chief executive, Adam Nuru.

Mr Nuru took leave to allow the bank to investigate the allegations against him.

The humorist Nedu’s paternity scandal

A few months after the FCMB scandal, a Popular radio presenter Chinedu Emmanuel, known as Nedu of Wazobia FM, has revealed that their first son is not his.

Nedu made the statements when responding to allegations of domestic violence brought against him by his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri.

Mrs Ohiri, accused him of beating her a few weeks after giving birth to their child by Caesarean section.

Nedu said: “Our marriage was plagued by many problems. One of them was the continued infidelity on his part which led me to perform a paternity test on our children, which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son… ‘

Ms Ohiri responded by saying that she was not aware of the paternity of their first child until a DNA test was performed.

Explaining the origin of the DNA scandal during her interview with Goldmyne, Ms Ohiri said: “I saw someone before Nedu, he was on the side of disturbing me, he had invited me several times. refused after the relationship ended, Nedu and I met.

“Over time, I found out I was pregnant. Believe me, if I had known my first child wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have married him. I cannot deliberately choose another man’s child and give him to another man. If I had known, I wouldn’t have married him. On my wedding day, I was pregnant, everyone saw it.

Speaking further, the mother-of-three, who insisted she was faithful while married, said the comedian did not deserve her son.


The DNA testing boom

Paternity fraud has been around forever, but these two major social media-fueled cases have sparked new calls for DNA testing.


Other male paternity fraud victims have also come forward to share their stories on social media.

To that end, this newspaper contacted Abiodun Salami, a senior geneticist at a DNA center for paternity testing, Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, to shed some light on the matter.

Mr Salami revealed that the statistics of paternity fraud in Nigeria are incredibly mind-boggling.

Salami noted that six in ten paternity tests in Nigeria are negative. These statistics did not help matters. He further said that this year alone, after performing 100 DNA tests in a month, he has skyrocketed to more than 400 paternity tests per month.

He also said, based on his experience in DNA testing, that most firstborns are not fathered by husbands at home, as these women have a previous relationship before they get married. Most of the time, they continue with this relationship, they don’t leave it after marriage.

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