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“Horrific way”: watch the dangerous stunt of a man with three cobras

A meeting with snakes, especially highly venomous cobras, can be dangerous even to experts. Now a viral video showing a man’s stunt with not just one but three cobras has left people online shocked.

In the internet-smashing clip, the man is seen sitting in front of three cobras. Seen in a wooded area, the man holds the smaller snake and twists its tail. Then, as he moves his hands and legs, the reptiles also sway. He reaches for the second snake, another bites him in the knee and bites. He sits up and tries to push the snake away from his knee.

See the video:

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared the clip on Twitter. He said, “It’s just a horrible way to manipulate cobras… The snake sees movement as a threat and follows movement. Sometimes the response can be fatal.

One of Nanda’s supporters said the incident happened in Karnataka and the man received medical attention within an hour. His condition is stable.

“An incident occurred in Karnataka, this man was bitten by a cobra due to mishandling and he is under treatment and out of danger as he received treatment within an hour of the bite But the part of the bite is very serious cobra, krait, russell viper are the poisonous snakes so stay away,” the user wrote.

Others criticized the man for his poor handling of snakes.