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Gulabi Aankhen’s kid turned down reality TV. Here’s why | Interview

It’s 2016 and you wake up one morning to check your phone and, most importantly, social media. You take the phone in your hands and the whole social media is full of a plethora of videos and content. You come across such a clip of a cute little boy singing the famous song Gulabi Aankhen, dressed in his school uniform and you are completely in love. And the next thing you know, the video has exploded on the internet and this toddler is causing a stir.


Yes, we are talking about none other than Jainil Bathyal, the 3 year old kid, who sang Gulabi Aankhen wearing his school uniform and his video took the internet by storm. He stole the hearts of many with his adorable voice. However, he has grown up now and has several videos of him singing popular Bollywood songs under his belt. The 9-year-old has over 27,000 followers on Instagram and clips of himself singing along to famous tunes are going viral in no time.

In an interview with, Jainil and his father Girish Bathyal talked about his journey after Gulabi Aankhen viral video and his Bollywood plans.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

When asked how he felt after his son’s video went incredibly viral, Girish Bathyal said: “We were not in Delhi but in our village in Uttarakhand. One of my cousins ​​m tagged on a video on social media and saw Jainil (who is affectionately called Joy by her parents) At that time the clip only had around 10,000 views but it was still a big deal for us. We were all very happy. After 2-3 days the views went up to 5 lakh and the clip also started circulating on Whatsapp. We were all very excited. However, the video got deleted from the page because the school wouldn’t allow it. We were all extremely disappointed, but soon found out that it had already gone so viral that it appeared on multiple sources.”

“Joy has always loved to sing. My wife and I sing a little and I can also play the guitar. Joy always listened to her and even used to sing while performing. We also went to a reality show with Joy in 2019 and he sang for a while with Shaan on stage,” he added.

Girish Bathyal also spoke about Joy’s life after the video went viral and her son’s music career. “Joy actually likes playing the keyboard now more than singing. He also likes singing but can’t really decide what he likes more right now,” Girish quoted. “Jainil picks up music very quickly. He listens to the songs and instantly starts playing them on the keyboard.

Meanwhile, when asked what he thought of his super viral video, Jainil replied, “I don’t know how I feel and I really don’t know how famous I am.”

Moreover, Jainil also informed that he wants to become a footballer apart from being a keyboardist and singer. “My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I also watch a lot of Anime.”

If you want to refresh your memory, here is the video of Jainil Bathyal singing Gulabi Aankhen.



Moreover, on Joy’s plans in Bollywood, Girish said he doesn’t really have such goals. “We also don’t prefer reality TV shows now. I don’t think Joy is at that level right now in terms of music. Besides, he’s already well known and popular. I want him to decide himself what he wants to go on reality TV shows, if he feels he’s at that level, he can definitely go.

“Joy also has no formal musical training. We sent him to our guru, Arvind Kumar, to learn classical music. However, Jainil hasn’t been able to go for the past few months.”

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