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‘Goals’: Croatia’s summer event for people with dogs thrills internet users

Dogs overqualify any Friendship Checklists set there. While most pet parents would be happy if they were just adorable, their being is much more than that. Dogs can be great athletic partners, whether it’s a jog, walk, trot, or even a run. One example is a special “six-legged race” organized in Croatia that made online internet users swoon.

The humans and their furry friends participated in a late summer event that involved activities both on land and in the water. Hosted on Crikvenica beach, 13 teams took part in various series of events consisting of swimming, running and speed eating and drinking competitions.

A video shared by Reuters showed people running with their pets across the pier before diving into the sea for the event held on one of the country’s few dog-friendly beaches.

The games were not only fun for the pet owners, but also for the doggies, who could gorge on their favorite treats, like ice cream! “Jagoda eats everything and we always have to keep in mind that the garbage bags aren’t open, we have to be careful with the portions of food, so it was more of an expected and well-deserved victory,” Jelena Lesaja told About her 11 year old dog. , who won the ice cream tasting competition.

Antonija Pirker and her dog Nando emerged victorious in the main race. The two-year-old puppy adopted from a shelter in Crikvenica was delighted with the victory. “He’s been with me for six months now and he’s a good dog, a great dog, I can’t say anything more,” Pirker said.

The video garnered a lot of attention online and internet users couldn’t help but pour love on the four-legged athletes, with some even joking that it should become a sport at the Olympics. Others hoped that similar events would be organized in their city.

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