Get into one of Hollywood’s craziest scandals in Vanity Fair’s latest podcast, “Love is a Crime”

Joan Bennett, Grand Lady of Scarlet Street and The woman at the window, was a famous femme fatale in the 1940s film noir. The dirtiest story she’s ever starred in, however, took place offscreen. Enter her film-producing husband Walter Wanger, whose jealousy and rage over Bennett’s affair with an agent would lead to one of Old Hollywood’s craziest scandals.

Vanity Show present Love is a crime, a 10-episode podcast series co-produced by VF and Cadence13. You must remember this podcast maker Karina longworth and filmmaker Vanessa Hope– Bennett and Wanger’s granddaughter – will guide listeners on a journey to discover how Wanger and Bennett “ended up looking at each other over the bloody body of another man in December 1951”.

Love is a crime is produced, created, written and hosted by Hope and Longworth and features a starry voice cast. Set includes Zooey deschanel like Jeanne, Jon hamm like Walter, Griffin dunne as Agent Jennings Lang, Mara wilson as Joan’s older sister, movie star Constance, and Adam mortimer like Joan’s rowdy father, Richard. This podcast is produced by Chris Corcoran alongside the showrunner Jacquelyn Jamjoom.

Questions abound in the series, which examines both the preparation for Walter and Joan’s fateful meeting in 1951 and its misogynistic consequences. “Why would my grandfather, a successful film producer, a liberal thinker, a man who helped Jewish emigrants escape Hitler, take a gun to confront his wife?” Hope asks in a podcast preview. “Why would my grandmother, a beautiful movie star who almost invented the femme fatale film noir archetype, and then starred in a successful family movie franchise, would risk everything to sneak up with her agent?”

The first episode of Love is a crime will launch on Tuesday August 17th. Listen and subscribe on or wherever you get your podcasts.

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