Former AOA member Mina attempts suicide after posting letter about past scandals, Entertainment News & Top Stories

SEOUL – Former member of girl group AOA, Mina, was hospitalized after she allegedly attempted suicide on Thursday July 29.

The 27-year-old was reportedly found by an acquaintance in the morning after failing to answer phone calls, according to reports in South Korean media.

Hours earlier, she had posted a long, four-page handwritten letter to social media detailing past bullying scandals and apologizing for her words and actions. She also revealed that she received death wishes from haters online.

She had previously, on several occasions, vowed to stay away from social media and apologized for once again breaking her promise.

Mina, real name Kwon Min-ah, wrote: “There have been so many different stories from what I’ve been through. Also, a lot of people have asked me to explain. I want to explain everything for what they are. . So I will explain everything without any lies. “

She left the group in 2019 and revealed a year later that she had suffered a decade of intimidation and harassment from group leader Jimin, 30, real name Shin Ji-min.

In last year’s explosive exhibit, Mina also showed a photo of her branded wrists as evidence that she had attempted suicide in the past.

Jimin then apologized, left the group, and retired from the entertainment industry. AOA, which started with eight members, has now only three.

Mina was also recently embroiled in another controversy last month, which saw her being the third party in a cheating scandal, but has since broken up with the man.

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