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Flirt memes flood social media app after #TwitterCrush

If social interactions are ‘the’ Goa journey, blockages are from Indian parents, making sure flirting has moved widely into the realm of social media. So while yesterday’s Twitter trend was #Twittercrush, for those Twitterati who could confess their feelings to their crushes, today’s trend is for anyone who thinks they could be more skilled in the art. to talk to someone special.

Twitter had a day in the field today as netizens make memes about failed flirting. The tendency is “if flirting is…”, comparing flirting to everyday objects and incidents that are poles apart from each other. These memes mention hilarious and mismatched combinations, such as online studies and courses, humanities and science students, and more. Dating apps like Tinder have also joined in the fun.

Here, take a look at some of these hilarious tweets below:

Last week, Twitterati joked about their crushes and loved ones not getting the hint, using the “What other advice do you want?” tendency.

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