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Entertainment News | Jeremy Renner reveals Robert Downey Jr joked about Chris Hemsworth’s broken knee

Washington [US], Jan 15 (ANI): Jeremy Renner spoke about some candid and playful behind-the-scenes friction in Marvel movies, involving Chris Hemsworth.

According to People magazine, the two-time Oscar nominee recalled the time Robert Downey Jr. jokingly suggested breaking Chris Hemsworth’s knee on the set of ‘The Avengers’ in 2012, while appearing on the Armchair Expert podcast by Dax Shepard.

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“We’re all parading in our costumes. It looks like it’s Halloween. We’re excited and also feeling ridiculous. I feel like we all know each other, one way or another. Except that we didn’t know this guy from Hemsworth, because he’s from Australia,” Renner recalled.

“He’s the biggest, he’s the nicest. Downey (was like), ‘We gotta break his knee. We gotta get him out. This guy’s too good looking. He’s too tall. He’s too charming.'” Renner added.

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In all seriousness, Renner said he and his “Avengers” teammates have learned to think of themselves as “family,” adding, “You can’t replace that or quantify that.”

“Everybody’s a celebrity in their own right. But being a Marvel celebrity, especially as an original six, has just been a different journey,” the ‘Hawkeye’ star explained.

“There have been marriages and divorces and children born and a lot of changes and changes in our personal lives, as well as in our acting lives, which we all share together in a very specific way,” said he also said, noting that the cast have gotten matching tattoos to symbolize their bond.

Hemsworth appears to have intimidated several of his Marvel castmates with his physique, as People Magazine’s sexiest man Paul Rudd recounted a similar experience when he first met the ‘Thor: Love’ actor. and Thunder”, another SMA alumnus.

Rudd shared, “I remember on the set of (Avengers:) ‘Endgame,’ I was training so hard, eating perfectly, for so long, training like an athlete. And standing next to Chris Hemsworth, and I thought, ‘What’s the point?’ Why even try, because there is that.” (ANI)

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